Kindle Not Charging

kindle not charging

kindle not charging

Kindle not charging

Is your Kindle not charging? We have a solution. For charging issues what you can do, you just have to follow few steps and your Kindle will work fine.
There are several reasons due to which kindle stops charging.
The first reason is:

Kindle battery issues:

If your Kindle is old that means the battery might not be so powerful. Sometimes even by putting kindle on charge for long time doesn’t help. In that case replacement of battery is the only solution.

Kindle charger not working:

You can check your charger adapter and the cable that comes with the charger.
Detach the wire from the adapter and check it separately with you any other charges or with your computer. If the cable is fine then secure chapter by connecting it to any other cable. That will give you an idea that if you have to change your adapter or your cable.

kindle battery drains fast:

for advcanced troubleshooting about drainage and fixing this issue, please go to